Residential Drain & Waste Ripiping

It is important that waste water be disposed of properly. Drain pipes carry waste water out of your house and into the city sewer system. Leaking pipes, water damage, clogged drains, mold growth, and accidental cross-connections between drain water and drinking water can pose serious risks to the health and safety of your family.

corroded drain pipe

Problems with old Drain Pipes

Older homes have either cast iron or galvanized steel lines which over time will eventually corrode. As rust deposits build up inside, the drain clogs, the pipe rusts through, and it will begin to leak. In the meantime, drains in your home; the sinks, and the toilets begin to back up. Underneath the house, the leaking sewage gives off a horrible odor, and if not fixed quickly it will damage your home and eventually cause major heath and financial problems.

If any drain in your house is draining slowly, don’t wait for gravity to solve it, it seldom does. The highly trained crew at Pacific Plumbing will restore your drain line to its proper function ensuring the health and safety of your family.

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