At Pacific Plumbing, we’ve been taking care of homes like yours for over 15 years. Our technicians will come out, do a thorough inspection of your problem and give you a straightforward and honest estimate before we start any work.

Whether it's a home repiping, repiping a drain or waste line or replacing a water heater, we promise we’ll only do the work that’s needed and nothing else. We’ll tell you what needs to be fixed, how we’ll fix it and how much it will cost. And most important, we’ll make sure you’re happy before we leave. Contact Us and tell us about your job.

Angies List

Repipe King County Repipe King County Repiping King County Drain Repipe King County Drain Repiping King County Water Heater King County Water Heater Install King County Water Heater Installation King County Waste Repipe King County Waste Repiping King County Waste Repiping

Repipe Pierce County Repipe Pierce County Repiping Pierce County Drain Repipe Pierce County Drain Repiping Pierce County Water Heater Pierce County Water Heater Install Pierce County Water Heater Installation Pierce County Waste Repipe Pierce County Waste Repiping Pierce County Waste Repiping

Repipe Snohomish County Repipe Snohomish County Repiping Snohomish County Drain Repipe Snohomish County Drain Repiping Snohomish County Water Heater Snohomish County Water Heater Install Snohomish County Water Heater Installation Snohomish County Waste Repipe Snohomish County Waste Repiping Snohomish County Waste Repiping

Repipe Arlington Repipe Arlington Repiping Arlington Drain Repipe Arlington Drain Repiping Arlington Water Heater Arlington Water Heater Install Arlington Water Heater Installation Arlington Waste Repipe Arlington Waste Repiping Arlington Waste Repiping

Repipe Bothell Repipe Bothell Repiping Bothell Drain Repipe Bothell Drain Repiping Bothell Water Heater Bothell Water Heater Install Bothell Water Heater Installation Bothell Waste Repipe Bothell Waste Repiping Bothell Waste Repiping

Repipe Brier Repipe Brier Repiping Brier Drain Repipe Brier Drain Repiping Brier Water Heater Brier Water Heater Install Brier Water Heater Installation Brier Waste Repipe Brier Waste Repiping Brier Waste Repiping

Repipe Darrington Repipe Darrington Repiping Darrington Drain Repipe Darrington Drain Repiping Darrington Water Heater Darrington Water Heater Install Darrington Water Heater Installation Darrington Waste Repipe Darrington Waste Repiping Darrington Waste Repiping

Repipe Edmonds Repipe Edmonds Repiping Edmonds Drain Repipe Edmonds Drain Repiping Edmonds Water Heater Edmonds Water Heater Install Edmonds Water Heater Installation Edmonds Waste Repipe Edmonds Waste Repiping Edmonds Waste Repiping

Repipe Everett Repipe Everett Repiping Everett Drain Repipe Everett Drain Repiping Everett Water Heater Everett Water Heater Install Everett Water Heater Installation Everett Waste Repipe Everett Waste Repiping Everett Waste Repiping

Repipe Gold Bar Repipe Gold Bar Repiping Gold Bar Drain Repipe Gold Bar Drain Repiping Gold Bar Water Heater Gold Bar Water Heater Install Gold Bar Water Heater Installation Gold Bar Waste Repipe Gold Bar Waste Repiping Gold Bar Waste Repiping

Repipe Granite Falls Repipe Granite Falls Repiping Granite Falls Drain Repipe Granite Falls Drain Repiping Granite Falls Water Heater Granite Falls Water Heater Install Granite Falls Water Heater Installation Granite Falls Waste Repipe Granite Falls Waste Repiping Granite Falls Waste Repiping

Repipe Lynnwood Repipe Lynnwood Repiping Lynnwood Drain Repipe Lynnwood Drain Repiping Lynnwood Water Heater Lynnwood Water Heater Install Lynnwood Water Heater Installation Lynnwood Waste Repipe Lynnwood Waste Repiping Lynnwood Waste Repiping

Repipe Marysville Repipe Marysville Repiping Marysville Drain Repipe Marysville Drain Repiping Marysville Water Heater Marysville Water Heater Install Marysville Water Heater Installation Marysville Waste Repipe Marysville Waste Repiping Marysville Waste Repiping

Repipe Mill Creek Repipe Mill Creek Repiping Mill Creek Drain Repipe Mill Creek Drain Repiping Mill Creek Water Heater Mill Creek Water Heater Install Mill Creek Water Heater Installation Mill Creek Waste Repipe Mill Creek Waste Repiping Mill Creek Waste Repiping

Repipe Monroe Repipe Monroe Repiping Monroe Drain Repipe Monroe Drain Repiping Monroe Water Heater Monroe Water Heater Install Monroe Water Heater Installation Monroe Waste Repipe Monroe Waste Repiping Monroe Waste Repiping

Repipe Mountlake Terrace Repipe Mountlake Terrace Repiping Mountlake Terrace Drain Repipe Mountlake Terrace Drain Repiping Mountlake Terrace Water Heater Mountlake Terrace Water Heater Install Mountlake Terrace Water Heater Installation Mountlake Terrace Waste Repipe Mountlake Terrace Waste Repiping Mountlake Terrace Waste Repiping

Repipe Mukilteo Repipe Mukilteo Repiping Mukilteo Drain Repipe Mukilteo Drain Repiping Mukilteo Water Heater Mukilteo Water Heater Install Mukilteo Water Heater Installation Mukilteo Waste Repipe Mukilteo Waste Repiping Mukilteo Waste Repiping

Repipe Snohomish Repipe Snohomish Repiping Snohomish Drain Repipe Snohomish Drain Repiping Snohomish Water Heater Snohomish Water Heater Install Snohomish Water Heater Installation Snohomish Waste Repipe Snohomish Waste Repiping Snohomish Waste Repiping

Repipe Stanwood Repipe Stanwood Repiping Stanwood Drain Repipe Stanwood Drain Repiping Stanwood Water Heater Stanwood Water Heater Install Stanwood Water Heater Installation Stanwood Waste Repipe Stanwood Waste Repiping Stanwood Waste Repiping

Repipe Sultan Repipe Sultan Repiping Sultan Drain Repipe Sultan Drain Repiping Sultan Water Heater Sultan Water Heater Install Sultan Water Heater Installation Sultan Waste Repipe Sultan Waste Repiping Sultan Waste Repiping

Repipe Woodway Repipe Woodway Repiping Woodway Drain Repipe Woodway Drain Repiping Woodway Water Heater Woodway Water Heater Install Woodway Water Heater Installation Woodway Waste Repipe Woodway Waste Repiping Woodway Waste Repiping

Repipe Algona Repipe Algona Repiping Algona Drain Repipe Algona Drain Repiping Algona Water Heater Algona Water Heater Install Algona Water Heater Installation Algona Waste Repipe Algona Waste Repiping Algona Waste Repiping

Repipe Auburn Repipe Auburn Repiping Auburn Drain Repipe Auburn Drain Repiping Auburn Water Heater Auburn Water Heater Install Auburn Water Heater Installation Auburn Waste Repipe Auburn Waste Repiping Auburn Waste Repiping

Repipe Beaux Arts Village Repipe Beaux Arts Village Repiping Beaux Arts Village Drain Repipe Beaux Arts Village Drain Repiping Beaux Arts Village Water Heater Beaux Arts Village Water Heater Install Beaux Arts Village Water Heater Installation Beaux Arts Village Waste Repipe Beaux Arts Village Waste Repiping Beaux Arts Village Waste Repiping

Repipe Bellevue Repipe Bellevue Repiping Bellevue Drain Repipe Bellevue Drain Repiping Bellevue Water Heater Bellevue Water Heater Install Bellevue Water Heater Installation Bellevue Waste Repipe Bellevue Waste Repiping Bellevue Waste Repiping

Repipe Black Diamond Repipe Black Diamond Repiping Black Diamond Drain Repipe Black Diamond Drain Repiping Black Diamond Water Heater Black Diamond Water Heater Install Black Diamond Water Heater Installation Black Diamond Waste Repipe Black Diamond Waste Repiping Black Diamond Waste Repiping

Repipe Bothell Repipe Bothell Repiping Bothell Drain Repipe Bothell Drain Repiping Bothell Water Heater Bothell Water Heater Install Bothell Water Heater Installation Bothell Waste Repipe Bothell Waste Repiping Bothell Waste Repiping

Repipe Burien Repipe Burien Repiping Burien Drain Repipe Burien Drain Repiping Burien Water Heater Burien Water Heater Install Burien Water Heater Installation Burien Waste Repipe Burien Waste Repiping Burien Waste Repiping

Repipe Carnation Repipe Carnation Repiping Carnation Drain Repipe Carnation Drain Repiping Carnation Water Heater Carnation Water Heater Install Carnation Water Heater Installation Carnation Waste Repipe Carnation Waste Repiping Carnation Waste Repiping

Repipe Clyde Hill Repipe Clyde Hill Repiping Clyde Hill Drain Repipe Clyde Hill Drain Repiping Clyde Hill Water Heater Clyde Hill Water Heater Install Clyde Hill Water Heater Installation Clyde Hill Waste Repipe Clyde Hill Waste Repiping Clyde Hill Waste Repiping

Repipe Covington Repipe Covington Repiping Covington Drain Repipe Covington Drain Repiping Covington Water Heater Covington Water Heater Install Covington Water Heater Installation Covington Waste Repipe Covington Waste Repiping Covington Waste Repiping

Repipe Des Moines Repipe Des Moines Repiping Des Moines Drain Repipe Des Moines Drain Repiping Des Moines Water Heater Des Moines Water Heater Install Des Moines Water Heater Installation Des Moines Waste Repipe Des Moines Waste Repiping Des Moines Waste Repiping

Repipe Duvall Repipe Duvall Repiping Duvall Drain Repipe Duvall Drain Repiping Duvall Water Heater Duvall Water Heater Install Duvall Water Heater Installation Duvall Waste Repipe Duvall Waste Repiping Duvall Waste Repiping

Repipe Enumclaw Repipe Enumclaw Repiping Enumclaw Drain Repipe Enumclaw Drain Repiping Enumclaw Water Heater Enumclaw Water Heater Install Enumclaw Water Heater Installation Enumclaw Waste Repipe Enumclaw Waste Repiping Enumclaw Waste Repiping

Repipe Federal Way Repipe Federal Way Repiping Federal Way Drain Repipe Federal Way Drain Repiping Federal Way Water Heater Federal Way Water Heater Install Federal Way Water Heater Installation Federal Way Waste Repipe Federal Way Waste Repiping Federal Way Waste Repiping

Repipe Hunts Point Repipe Hunts Point Repiping Hunts Point Drain Repipe Hunts Point Drain Repiping Hunts Point Water Heater Hunts Point Water Heater Install Hunts Point Water Heater Installation Hunts Point Waste Repipe Hunts Point Waste Repiping Hunts Point Waste Repiping

Repipe Issaquah Repipe Issaquah Repiping Issaquah Drain Repipe Issaquah Drain Repiping Issaquah Water Heater Issaquah Water Heater Install Issaquah Water Heater Installation Issaquah Waste Repipe Issaquah Waste Repiping Issaquah Waste Repiping

Repipe Kenmore Repipe Kenmore Repiping Kenmore Drain Repipe Kenmore Drain Repiping Kenmore Water Heater Kenmore Water Heater Install Kenmore Water Heater Installation Kenmore Waste Repipe Kenmore Waste Repiping Kenmore

Repipe Kent Repipe Kent Repiping Kent Drain Repipe Kent Drain Repiping Kent Water Heater Kent Water Heater Install Kent Water Heater Installation Kent Waste Repipe Kent Waste Repiping Kent Waste Repiping

Repipe Kirkland Repipe Kirkland Repiping Kirkland Drain Repipe Kirkland Drain Repiping Kirkland Water Heater Kirkland Water Heater Install Kirkland Water Heater Installation Kirkland Waste Repipe Kirkland Waste Repiping Kirkland Waste Repiping

Repipe Lake Forest Park Repipe Lake Forest Park Repiping Lake Forest Park Drain Repipe Lake Forest Park Drain Repiping Lake Forest Park Water Heater Lake Forest Park Water Heater Install Lake Forest Park Water Heater Installation Lake Forest Park Waste Repipe Lake Forest Park Waste Repiping Lake Forest Park Waste Repiping

Repipe Maple Valley Repipe Maple Valley Repiping Maple Valley Drain Repipe Maple Valley Drain Repiping Maple Valley Water Heater Maple Valley Water Heater Install Maple Valley Water Heater Installation Maple Valley Waste Repipe Maple Valley Waste Repiping Maple Valley Waste Repiping

Repipe Medina Repipe Medina Repiping Medina Drain Repipe Medina Drain Repiping Medina Water Heater Medina Water Heater Install Medina Water Heater Installation Medina Waste Repipe Medina Waste Repiping Medina Waste Repiping

Repipe Mercer Island Repipe Mercer Island Repiping Mercer Island Drain Repipe Mercer Island Drain Repiping Mercer Island Water Heater Mercer Island Water Heater Install Mercer Island Water Heater Installation Mercer Island Waste Repipe Mercer Island Waste Repiping Mercer Island Waste Repiping

Repipe Milton Repipe Milton Repiping Milton Drain Repipe Milton Drain Repiping Milton Water Heater Milton Water Heater Install Milton Water Heater Installation Milton Waste Repipe Milton Waste Repiping Milton Waste Repiping

Repipe Newcastle Repipe Newcastle Repiping Newcastle Drain Repipe Newcastle Drain Repiping Newcastle Water Heater Newcastle Water Heater Install Newcastle Water Heater Installation Newcastle Waste Repipe Newcastle Waste Repiping Newcastle

Repipe Normandy Park Repipe Normandy Park Repiping Normandy Park Drain Repipe Normandy Park Drain Repiping Normandy Park Water Heater Normandy Park Water Heater Install Normandy Park Water Heater Installation Normandy Park Waste Repipe Normandy Park Waste Repiping Normandy Park

Repipe North Bend Repipe North Bend Repiping North Bend Drain Repipe North Bend Drain Repiping North Bend Water Heater North Bend Water Heater Install North Bend Water Heater Installation North Bend Waste Repipe North Bend Waste Repiping North Bend

Repipe Pacific Repipe Pacific Repiping Pacific Drain Repipe Pacific Drain Repiping Pacific Water Heater Pacific Water Heater Install Pacific Water Heater Installation Pacific Waste Repipe Pacific Waste Repiping Pacific Waste Repiping

Repipe Redmond Repipe Redmond Repiping Redmond Drain Repipe Redmond Drain Repiping Redmond Water Heater Redmond Water Heater Install Redmond Water Heater Installation Redmond Waste Repipe Redmond Waste Repiping Redmond Waste Repiping

Repipe Renton Repipe Renton Repiping Renton Drain Repipe Renton Drain Repiping Renton Water Heater Renton Water Heater Install Renton Water Heater Installation Renton Waste Repipe Renton Waste Repiping Renton Waste Repiping

Repipe Sammamish Repipe Sammamish Repiping Sammamish Drain Repipe Sammamish Drain Repiping Sammamish Water Heater Sammamish Water Heater Install Sammamish Water Heater Installation Sammamish Waste Repipe Sammamish Waste Repiping Sammamish Waste Repiping

Repipe SeaTac Repipe SeaTac Repiping SeaTac Drain Repipe SeaTac Drain Repiping SeaTac Water Heater SeaTac Water Heater Install SeaTac Water Heater Installation SeaTac Waste Repipe SeaTac Waste Repiping SeaTac Waste Repiping

Repipe Seattle Repipe Seattle Repiping Seattle Drain Repipe Seattle Drain Repiping Seattle Water Heater Seattle Water Heater Install Seattle Water Heater Installation Seattle Waste Repipe Seattle Waste Repiping Seattle Waste Repiping

Repipe Shoreline Repipe Shoreline Repiping Shoreline Drain Repipe Shoreline Drain Repiping Shoreline Water Heater Shoreline Water Heater Install Shoreline Water Heater Installation Shoreline Waste Repipe Shoreline Waste Repiping Shoreline Waste Repiping

Repipe Skykomish Repipe Skykomish Repiping Skykomish Drain Repipe Skykomish Drain Repiping Skykomish Water Heater Skykomish Water Heater Install Skykomish Water Heater Installation Skykomish Waste Repipe Skykomish Waste Repiping Skykomish Waste Repiping

Repipe Snoqualmie Repipe Snoqualmie Repiping Snoqualmie Drain Repipe Snoqualmie Drain Repiping Snoqualmie Water Heater Snoqualmie Water Heater Install Snoqualmie Water Heater Installation Snoqualmie Waste Repipe Snoqualmie Waste Repiping Snoqualmie Waste Repiping

Repipe Tukwila Repipe Tukwila Repiping Tukwila Drain Repipe Tukwila Drain Repiping Tukwila Water Heater Tukwila Water Heater Install Tukwila Water Heater Installation Tukwila Waste Repipe Tukwila Waste Repiping Tukwila Waste Repiping

Repipe Woodinville Repipe Woodinville Repiping Woodinville Drain Repipe Woodinville Drain Repiping Woodinville Water Heater Woodinville Water Heater Install Woodinville Water Heater Installation Woodinville Waste Repipe Woodinville Waste Repiping Woodinville Waste Repiping

Repipe Yarrow Point Repipe Yarrow Point Repiping Yarrow Point Drain Repipe Yarrow Point Drain Repiping Yarrow Point Water Heater Yarrow Point Water Heater Install Yarrow Point Water Heater Installation Yarrow Point Waste Repipe Yarrow Point Waste Repiping Yarrow Point Waste Repiping

Repipe Auburn  Repipe Auburn   Repiping Auburn   Drain Repipe Auburn   Drain Repiping Auburn Water Heater Auburn Water Heater Install Auburn Water Heater Installation Auburn Waste Repipe Auburn Waste Repiping Auburn Waste Repiping

Repipe Bonney Lake Repipe Bonney Lake Repiping Bonney Lake Drain Repipe Bonney Lake Drain Repiping Bonney Lake Water Heater Bonney Lake Water Heater Install Bonney Lake Water Heater Installation Bonney Lake Waste Repipe Bonney Lake Waste Repiping Bonney Lake Waste Repiping

Repipe Buckley Repipe Buckley Repiping Buckley Drain Repipe Buckley Drain Repiping Buckley Water Heater Buckley Water Heater Install Buckley Water Heater Installation Buckley Waste Repipe Buckley Waste Repiping Buckley Waste Repiping

Repipe DuPont Repipe DuPont Repiping DuPont Drain Repipe DuPont Drain Repiping DuPont Water Heater DuPont Water Heater Install DuPont Water Heater Installation DuPont Waste Repipe DuPont Waste Repiping DuPont Waste Repiping

Repipe Edgewood Repipe Edgewood Repiping Edgewood Drain Repipe Edgewood Drain Repiping Edgewood Water Heater Edgewood Water Heater Install Edgewood Water Heater Installation Edgewood Waste Repipe Edgewood Waste Repiping Edgewood Waste Repiping

Repipe Fife Repipe Fife Repiping Fife Drain Repipe Fife Drain Repiping Fife Water Heater Fife Water Heater Install Fife Water Heater Installation Fife Waste Repipe Fife Waste Repiping Fife Waste Repiping

Repipe Fircrest Repipe Fircrest Repiping Fircrest Drain Repipe Fircrest Drain Repiping Fircrest Water Heater Fircrest Water Heater Install Fircrest Water Heater Installation Fircrest Waste Repipe Fircrest Waste Repiping Fircrest Waste Repiping

Repipe Gig Harbor Repipe Gig Harbor Repiping Gig Harbor Drain Repipe Gig Harbor Drain Repiping Gig Harbor Water Heater Gig Harbor Water Heater Install Gig Harbor Water Heater Installation Gig Harbor Waste Repipe Gig Harbor Waste Repiping Gig Harbor Waste Repiping

Repipe Lakewood Repipe Lakewood Repiping Lakewood Drain Repipe Lakewood Drain Repiping Lakewood Water Heater Lakewood Water Heater Install Lakewood Water Heater Installation Lakewood Waste Repipe Lakewood Waste Repiping Lakewood Waste Repiping

Repipe Milton Repipe Milton Repiping Milton Drain Repipe Milton Drain Repiping Milton Water Heater Milton Water Heater Install Milton Water Heater Installation Milton Waste Repipe Milton Waste Repiping Milton Waste Repiping

Repipe Orting Repipe Orting Repiping Orting Drain Repipe Orting Drain Repiping Orting Water Heater Orting Water Heater Install Orting Water Heater Installation Orting Waste Repipe Orting Waste Repiping Orting

Repipe Pacific Repipe Pacific Repiping Pacific Drain Repipe Pacific Drain Repiping Pacific Water Heater Pacific Water Heater Install Pacific Water Heater Installation Pacific Waste Repipe Pacific Waste Repiping Pacific Waste Repiping

Repipe Puyallup Repipe Puyallup Repiping Puyallup Drain Repipe Puyallup Drain Repiping Puyallup Water Heater Puyallup Water Heater Install Puyallup Water Heater Installation Puyallup Waste Repipe Puyallup Waste Repiping Puyallup Waste Repiping

Repipe Roy Repipe Roy Repiping Roy Drain Repipe Roy Drain Repiping Roy Water Heater Roy Water Heater Install Roy Water Heater Installation Roy Waste Repipe Roy Waste Repiping Roy Waste Repiping

Repipe Ruston Repipe Ruston Repiping Ruston Drain Repipe Ruston Drain Repiping Ruston Water Heater Ruston Water Heater Install Ruston Water Heater Installation Ruston Waste Repipe Ruston Waste Repiping Ruston Waste Repiping

Repipe Sumner Repipe Sumner Repiping Sumner Drain Repipe Sumner Drain Repiping Sumner Water Heater Sumner Water Heater Install Sumner Water Heater Installation Sumner Waste Repipe Sumner Waste Repiping Sumner Waste Repiping

Repipe Tacoma Repipe Tacoma Repiping Tacoma Drain Repipe Tacoma Drain Repiping Tacoma Water Heater Tacoma Water Heater Install Tacoma Water Heater Installation Tacoma Waste Repipe Tacoma Waste Repiping Tacoma Waste Repiping

Repipe University Place Repipe University Place Repiping University Place Drain Repipe University Place Drain Repiping University Place Water Heater University Place Water Heater Install University Place Water Heater Installation University Place Waste Repipe University Place Waste Repiping University Place Waste Repiping

Home Repiping

Why not fix a leak instead of removing all the hot & cold water piping in your house? Answer: When you have hot or cold water leaks, poor flow, low water pressure and other symptoms starting to appear in your home, a whole-house repipe is usually the best solution. Engaging in “endless” small repairs, over time will cost you far more than a repipe done in one day. Learn More

Drain & Waste Repipe

If any drain in your house is draining slowly or leaking, don’t wait for gravity to solve it, it seldom does. Pacific Plumbing will fully resolve the issue and may actually spot an underlying cause on why the “slows” keep returning. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - applies well to the drains in your home. Waiting for them to stop working before you act, is already several months too late. Learn More

Water Heaters

There are many types or models of water heaters in use, throughout the United States. Every home, condo and apartment has one and it’s used continuously to supply hot water to most fixtures in the home. If you need a new water heater installed, or a repair to your current water heater Pacific Plumbing can help. Learn More

What People are Saying

The job went very well. Bill and his crew came on time, they were well organized, Everyone had a specific job and they did it well. They all worked as a team. I was amazed at what they did in a short time. We were prepared for the job to be done in 2 days, but they were all done and cleaned up including patching walls in 1 day.

Richard Haney of Mercer Island

Everything went great. They were able to repipe our entire supply and drain lines, including rebuilding my mainstack and installing new water heater, removing old laundry sink, new external spigots, replace kitchen faucet, making everything new, all in one day. These guys were gentle with our house over 100 years old, and we appreciate how they treated it with care as they would their own.

Kay Bratton in Tacoma

We had been putting off re-piping for years out of fear of the cost and impact to our schedules and were hugely relieved that Pacific Plumbing could do the work for a great price and in half a day. We had also looked at plumbers that have few employees and their estimates were for twice as much and would take an entire week.

Joshua Bell in Bellevue

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